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Why are hearing tests free in some places?

Many companies offer free hearing screening in hopes of selling hearing aids to patients who have hearing loss.  Patients often must pay if they want a copy of the results.

Are hearing tests free at HearGuard Mobile Hearing Care?

Our main focus is on patient care, and our business model success doesn't depend on hearing aid sales.  For this reason, we do not offer free testing.  We instead provide the services of conducting your hearing evaluation and making recommendations and referrals as necessary.  Every patient will be provided with a copy of their hearing evaluation results.

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Hearing aid prices usually include the devices, as well as warranty and service.  At HearGuard Mobile Hearing Care, we believe that you should only pay for the services that you need.  For this reason, we offer "unbundled" pricing, which allows you to purchase the hearing aids with warranty for thousands less than many other places.  Then its your choice to pay for only the services that you need when you need them because many patients need very little follow up care after the first couple of appointments.

Does HearGuard Mobile Hearing Care bill my insurance?

Depending on your insurance policy, we can either work with a network that will bill your insurance company, or we will provide you with receipts and test results so that you can submit.

What are assistive devices?

These are devices that help in various situations, such as hearing, understanding, listening, or safety.  They can help people with normal hearing or mild-to-profound hearing loss when used by themselves or in addition to hearing aids.  Common assistive devices often provide more amplification than similar products sold for normal-hearing individuals.  Examples are: phones, alarm clocks, watches, wireless TV headphones, neckloops, flashing light alarms, etc.


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